Smoking Apples Team Retreat: Reporting Live from Norway!

You may be thinking: where has the Smoking Apples team been? Why have I not seen any new blog posts or updates, other than the trekking and hiking pole buyer’s guide for Montem, on any of the applications and tools that you have released?

The Smoking Apples team has come back from a 1 year retreat in Bergen, Norway. This was a professional development retreat that allowed our company workers to connect with one another while ensuring they learn new skills critical to stay on the modern edge of technology and development. We learned a lot, and came back a stronger team. We are happy to announce that we are working on three new apps, and exploring some new ventures in the domain name field. We will keep you updated.

And now, some photos from the beautiful resort. A big thanks to Olga, the housekeeper and point of contact during the retreat.


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