1 Million iPhone 3GS units later, Steve Jobs is back!

by Milind Alvares

1 Million iPhone 3GS units later, Steve Jobs is back!

by Milind Alvares on June 22, 2009

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steve-jobsIn a stunning press release, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple has announced that over 1 million iPhone 3GS models have been sold in 3 days. How often do you come with two huge news stories in one single sentence?

After much talk about his liver transplant and whatnot, the CEO is apparently alive and kicking at Apple. We don’t know the extent to which he’s back, or whether this is a permanent return, but we sure hope so. That said, kudos to Tim Cook and team for carrying Apple through these last six months. They did a hell of a job managing Apple through the economic crisis.

As for the iPhone 3GS—Steve settles the debate between 3GS, 3G S, and 3G [s]—the million units in 3 days is comparable with the 3G’s launch last year, which also took 3 days to cover a million iPhones. Note that the iPhone 3G launched in 22 countries on the same day, while the 3GS launched in only 8 countries. And by comparison, it took 74 days for the first generation iPhone to take up that much market share. This blows past what the analysts had to say, who predicted somewhere between 500,000-700,000 units.

On a similar note, over 6 million people downloaded the iPhone 3.0 software in 5 days of release. With new software at the App Store requiring the iPhone 3.0 platform, I don’t see how the rest of the iPhone users will hold out for longer. And lastly, we’re still waiting on word for how many $100 iPhone 3Gs Apple has sold. I’m sure Palm will be happy to compare Pre sales with the 6 people who buy the cheaper version.

Happy day today!

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I think you’re being a bit presumptuous here. Just because he was quoted in a press release doesn’t definitively mean that he’s back.

I sure hope it does though.


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