Potion Factory’s The Hit List Available as a Public Preview

by Preshit Deorukhkar

Potion Factory’s The Hit List Available as a Public Preview

by Preshit Deorukhkar on January 9, 2009

Close on the heels of the recent release of Things by Cultured Code, Potion Factory has just announced the Public Preview of their upcoming task management app – The Hit List. Currently at 0.9.2beta, the app is certainly not feature complete, but developer Andy Kim is confident that his private beta testers have figured out most of the bugs, which have been ironed out for this public preview and I must say, the beta is very stable and solid.


The crew of Smoking Apples has been beta testing the application for a while now, and though the screenshot may indicate that The Hit List is just a copy of Things, there is certainly much more than meets the eye. The Hit List enters the market to compete head on with similar task-management apps like OmniGroup’s OmniFocus and the recently released Things from Cultured Code.

The very first thing that you’ll notice about The Hit List is how slick the app visually is and how the app utilizes Leopard’s Core Animation to a great extent. The interface is very beautifully laid out and is aesthetically very pleasing and simple. The Hit List is said to combine the powerful features of both Things and OmniFocus and present them to you with a fabulous user interface. The Hit List gives you two different views for, well, viewing your tasks. The default Outline view presents the tasks, sub-tasks along with their start and due dates. A second, Card view lets you view each individual task at a time. The app scrolls through the tasks like you would guide through a bunch of cards held together. Very neat.


While at the core, The Hit List is still a task management app, it takes a slightly different approach of presenting the tasks to you. The Hit List relies heavily and extensively on keyboard shortcuts, much like Gmail to get things done faster. You can easily add a task using the Return key when you’re in the application or by using the Systemwide shortcut, that pops up a window, much like Things. If you’re a power user, The Hit List also supports tags, contexts, notes etc. 

It must be noted that the app is still in beta and is far from feature complete and one key aspect of task-management, recurring tasks, are still absent from the app. The Hit List also synchronizes with iCal events and Potion Factory already has plans to offer an iPhone version soon. Rest assured, we’ll be reviewing both the Mac and iPhone versions in detail when they hit 1.0.

Upon release, the app will cost $70 and the developer has begun taking pre-orders for $50, which can be placed from within the app. You can download the public preview from the Potion Factory site or use this direct download link.

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Hmm. Will check this out. I still have a trial running of Things for a few more days. I do need to know when that iPhone app is coming though. I need the sync between the two.


Wilson Ng - Guam

Hmmm…. I’ve tried Things and The Hit List. I still can’t seem to get away from the maturity of OmniFocus 1.5.

The features that I can’t find in Things or The Hit List are:

1. recurring tasks
2. parallel and sequential projects
3. Review mode

These are the three major features in OmniFocus that keeps me glued to it.

I’m betting that OmniFocus 2.0 (whenever it gets released) will have updated the user interface to make it look nice and shiny.


Dylan Mikus


Things has recurring tasks. When you set a due date, a little cog icon pops up at the far right of the task and you can make it a recurring task. I do agree that it needs parallel and sequential projects.

As for THL, I just started looking at it and it looks pretty neat. I already shelled out for Things, though, so I am stuck with that. Not that that is a bad thing. I really like the application.


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