Simple Todo List management with SimpleTask

by Chris Zehm

Simple Todo List management with SimpleTask

by Chris Zehm on May 5, 2009

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simpletasksI don’t use a GTD. They’re just too complex, geared towards managing tasks into different projects, adding tasks, etc., that I just can’t get a simple task done. Not implying that GTDs don’t work for everyone, they just don’t work for me.

I’ve so far depended on Anxiety app, which basically hooks into iCal and Mail todos to allow you a quick look at your Todos. It’s a great app, with a tiny footprint on your desktop. Just click the menubar icon and the dark HUD pops up on your screen. Hit Return to add a new task, all of which is synced with iCal and Mail todos.

However, there are several problems with the app. There’s no sorting options, nor can you edit a task once it’s been added. For all of that and more you have to resort to using iCal. The other issue is that Apple still doesn’t allow MobileMe syncing to the iPhone for Todos, so you’re stuck with managing tasks on the Mac only.


A brand new app, developed by Adam Fisher-Cox, Josh Holat, and Joel Levin, called SimpleTask is very refreshing. It’s an extremely simple task manager, without any of the bells and whistles of a GTD. The single window lets you add new tasks just by hitting return, add a description if you want, and add a colour if you want. You can then manually sort through the tasks just by drag-and-drop.


The user interface is extremely clean, displaying just your tasks, a search bar (hide-able), and the option to switch between pending and completed tasks. I admit the ‘colours’ are a bit off, so I just stick to the default grey task colour.┬áThe app is still in public beta and there are some features I’d like to see, including a global shortcut, a menubar only operation, but otherwise it seems complete as it is.

The other aspect of SimpleTask is it’s iPhone compadre. It’s still in private beta, but with whatever info is available it looks like it will feature a basic sync over wifi. While the desktop version is free, we don’t know what the iPhone version will cost.

How’s that for task management!

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