Reeder for Mac Draft 1: Something Fresh

by Milind Alvares

Reeder for Mac Draft 1: Something Fresh

by Milind Alvares on December 1, 2010

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A very early preview of Reeder for Mac is now available for your downloading pleasure. Don’t get too excited though, it’s clearly an early draft; not nearly the finished product that is Reeder for iPhone and iPad.

Reeder for Mac borrows heavily from the iPad version (which borrowed from the iPhone). It’s a first taste of the apps that Lion will bring to the Mac, where there isn’t a distinction between titlebar and toolbar, and the traffic lights are positioned in the middle.

Reeder for Mac brings a lot of new UI concepts to the Mac. The buttons are different, the way you interact with it is different. Where you would otherwise see an articles list, you see icons, much like Tweetie for Mac. I’m not sure if that’s a good decision, and it might just be considering most blogs have favicons now, but it’s still uncomfortable. You can of course expand the sidebar to get a more traditional list view, but Draft 1 is the time to embrace new UI styles. Reeder uses different scrollbars, or no scrollbars at all for the center column. It’s got new UI styles, and different animations.

Most importantly, Reeder for Mac brings back innovation in RSS clients for the desktop. It has been a category ignored for far too long, so hopefully by the time this gets 1.0 status, we’ll be very comfortable with all of its new conventions.

Download it from Made@Gloria.

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