Flickery brings Flickr to your Mac Desktop

by Brandon Pittman

Flickery brings Flickr to your Mac Desktop

by Brandon Pittman on April 29, 2009

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flickery-reviewWe all know how popular Flickr is. Hell, it’s turned into the Google of photos. Google’s own photo service, Picasa, is more like the Yahoo of photos. Ironically, Yahoo owns Flickr. It’s all very backwards.

If you’re a card-carrying member of the Flickr Pro army, it’s probably not too much of a stretch to believe that you’re willing to pay for a good desktop solution for managing your Flickr account. flickery — no, I didn’t forget to capitalize that — might be your best option. And even if you’re not signed up into the Pro army, it will work with a free account just fine.

Browsing Flickr on your Mac

It also gives you a lot of options for viewing. You can view your own photostream, your favorites, which you can add and remove, and also check out the latest photos from all your contacts (and their favourites) and groups. The two pane user interface is slick, and gives you access to most of your functions with minimal clicks. Yes, accessing the SA Flickr Desktop Pool was just two clicks away.


You can easily view photos in a beautiful full screen view, and pull up photo details; adding comments to photos as well. In addition, you can also easily download photos you’ve found, or directly add them to iPhoto from within the app. One other cool thing is the share button, which will bring up options to share via email, iChat and Twitter. Just enter your twitter credentials, and a sheet flows down along with the shorturl of that Flickr image ready for tweeting.


You can also run searches, defining them by text, user, type, safety level, and usage licenses. So if you needed WWDC photos taken by David Prager which have been marked as “Restricted”, but are available under a Creative Commons license, you could totally find those. You can then save the search so you always know when there are new shots you can get a hold of. These searches are all saved in flickery’s sidebar.


Uploading to Flickr

Flickery will handle all the basics for you. It’s got a well-designed uploader, which is much nicer than Flickr’s own uploader app. Aside from dragging photos in from the Finder, you can take an iSight photo or create a screenshot of your desktop. From there, you can click the “Edit Photo” button to bring up a window that will let you crop, rotate, and even add effects or adjust color balance and hue.


One thing missing in the upload tool is any iPhoto integration. One would have expected the app to feature the iLife Media browser, but I didn’t find that anywhere. You can find photos through the “Open” dialog box, but I prefer the media browser palette.

A Few Shortcomings

While there are lots of things flickery can do, it does have some UI problems. For instance, to delete searches, you have to right-click all the time; no delete shortcut. The button placement could use a little work too. For instance, the “Add Favourites” button is below the photo, while “Remove from Favourites” button is at the top left, totally out of view. I almost emailed the developer telling them they forgot to add a remove button!


I found that browsing photos was a little rigid. You can’t resize the thumbnails, and neither can you zoom/pan if you open up that photo. The only way to see the full quality image is to download it. Still, you can see that the app is so solid that you can see I’m raising some trivial issues.

The Verdict is Yes

Overall, I really like flickery. If you’re into Flickr enough to pay for it, you’re gonna find a lot of use in this. I found it easier to navigate all my photos and the groups I belong to within flickery than by using Flickr’s site alone. At version 1.1 it’s stable, feature rich, user friendly, and it’ll be even better in the future.

Priced at $20, it’ll run you almost as much as a year’s worth of that Flickr Pro goodness, but you’ll get a lot of control for your dollar. A 15 day full featured trial awaits.

Giving away 3 licenses

We liked the app so much, that we got Eternal Storms to offer 3 licenses for giveaway. We’re giving 1 license to a commenter, 1 license for a tweetback, and 1 license for uploading a desktop to our Flickr Desktop Pool. Standard giveaway rules apply.

Woohoo! Winners are FiZ, Alessandro Burato, and Timothy Griffin. Have fun Flickering.

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alvin ray yu

can’t wait to win a license for flickery, the flickr uploader for mac is full of bugs and freezes when uploading large files



I’ve tried the app before and I love it. I still haven’t bought it, but that’s why I’m here (^_-)



Know some one who would use that app all of the time!



oh my gosh!! i love it! I’m too flickr obsessed! for seriously!!! can’t wait to try it!!!!


Alessandro Burato

Hey! Ths could be the app I was waiting for. Can’t stand the flickr web interface… Plus, I’m a fresh Mac switcher so… pretty please? A new shiny app for me? :)


Scott K

I played around with the trial a little while back and was thoroughly impressed. I hope to buy the app when the budget allows (I got laid off recently). While using the app, I had a question so I e-mailed the developer. He replied promptly and was very friendly and helpful.




Nice review, thanks.



Nice review. Looks uselfull.

Tweeting to this review.


Bikalpa Paudel

I’m better off with some other free solution than paying for something that is not even 1% of what I do on the internet.

Nice review BTW. ;)


Scott Gemmell

Thanks for bringing this app to my attention. Will download the trial immediately.



Hoping I win – looks great!


Jonas Wisser

I’ve been curious about Flickery ever since the first betas. Hope you haven’t picked the winner yet!



It seems very interesting! Wish me luck :)


john chandler

Great app. Count me in!


Payam Yousefi




I’ve long yearned for an app which does just this. Having been a Flickr Pro member ever since they started offering Pro accounts, this seems like the perfect complement. Now if only there was an iPhone App which offered similar functionality!


Oren M

Brilliant! this application looks so good!
I downloaded the demo and loves every bit of it.



love this app!


Justin Scott

wow, I might not hate Flickr so much with this application! LoL



Would love to have this for my flickr needs! I am a social documentation photographer!


Kelly Anne

This looks like a really great application – the clincher is that it will allow me to look at contact’s photos!


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