Create a new dock for each Space with Dock Spaces

by Andy Bewernick

Create a new dock for each Space with Dock Spaces

by Andy Bewernick on November 19, 2008

After playing around with Hyperspaces there was still one more thing Spaces is missing. Everytime I switch a space it would be nice to have a separate dock for each. Why did Apple never include separate docks for each space? It just seems like such a natural thing to do. For whatever reason, Patrick Chamelo is here to save the day with Dock Spaces.

Dock Spaces. The review begins. 

This app finishes what Apple and Hyperspaces couldn’t do. Dock Spaces has the ability to create up to 10 different docks in which you can assign to each space and even switch them on the fly. It’s great for keeping yourself organized. For instance I have a space for each type of workflow, one for graphics, video editing, and general purpose. Now I’m able to create a dock for each type. My graphics dock for example, has Photoshop, Bridge, iPhoto, and other apps like it.

Each dock can have a custom name as well as a custom keystroke to swap out different docks, You can then set it to switch automatically when you switch to a different Space. Not only can you create docks but the app also includes other options. In the preferences it has options like disabling bouncing icons, locking the contents of your dock, making a hidden apps icon transparent, changing the dock style from 3D to 2D, and a few more options. Another useful set of options is the ability to show active corners with a small semicircle and a button you can click to enable expose. Whenever you switch your docks there is also the option to use a transition. You can have a little notification pop-up telling you the new dock name, it can focus in on the dock (just fades everything quickly), and there is Growl support.

There are a few gripes that I have with the app though. Every time you switch docks it looks as though it the app does a killall Dock command (which it probably does) but it just doesn’t look very smooth. If you want to reduce the clutter in your docks you’ll still have some trouble. For instance, if you have an application open in one dock, it will still show up in another dock as well, irrespective of whether it is included in that dock-set. If you have lots of apps open, it will look even more unorganized and confusing (Ed: Perhaps this is why Apple didn’t include mutiple-docks as a Spaces feature). Using Hyperspaces in conjunction with Dock Spaces had some nasty effects though. I found that Hyperspaces wouldn’t work the way it’s supposed to if you switch spaces and docks, so keep that in mind.

All in all this is a very handy little app and is free too! While your downloading the Dock Spaces you might want to check out some of the other free applications created by Patrick Chamelo.

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