Is that An Air Sharing Pro In Your Pocket?

by Brandon Pittman

Is that An Air Sharing Pro In Your Pocket?

by Brandon Pittman on May 14, 2009

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airsharing-bannerLike 80% of the original Air Sharing user base, I got my copy for free when it first came out. Since then, the price only went up to $4.99, but Avatron says only 20% of users paid for the app. Now they are introducing a pro version with many more features, at an introductory “upgrade” price of $4.99. Still with me?


Because it was free and so many people picked it up, it probably has the best name recognition of any portable files app out there.

The pro version adds some serious power user features. Namely, the ability to email files, print to Mac or Linux box, and access online storage like MobileMe and I’ve gotta say, these new features all work great. Emailing files involves uploading the selected files to and then emailing a link. It requires less set-up, but your recipient isn’t actually getting a file. Kind of a problem if you wanted to send certain document types to someone’s iPhone. The printing was painless. It found my printers over wifi and was able to print through my Mac. Lastly, it accessed my MobileMe iDisk quickly, and allowed me to use all the functions of the app except for creating archives over-the-air.

Another huge change is the UI. It got a huge makeover, and looks so much slicker than the old one. The new UI now allows for a ton of cool batch editing features including move, copy, zip, and unzip. The move and copy is especially cool, as you don’t do the action right away. It saves the files to a clipboard in the top-right corner that you can access when you’re ready. Unlike a lot of file apps, Air Sharing Pro supports iWork 09 files. That said, you can store any kind of file, but can only view certains types. It’s got a great scroll bar that lets you zip around your document, and you can also jump around PDFs page by page through a TOC or thumbnails.

Professional Problems


Having said all that, this app lacks some options from other apps I would love to see included.

  • No guest access locally. You can only set guest access for Public folders viewed on a desktop.
  • Email goes through, so you can’t send actual files.
  • When you swipe to move through photos, it feela very floaty.
  • No way to limit disk usage by the app.
  • No import function into Air Sharing for other iPhone users from mailed files.
  • No thumbnail support for images in the file browser.

The thing is, none of these are actually deal-breakers for me. They’re things I’d like to see, but aren’t gonna stop me from using Air Sharing Pro.

Get it while it’s hot!

I really love Air Sharing Pro. I find myself opening it just to play with it at times. I zip and unzip folders for no reason. It’s that cool. If you’re in need of a real “power app” for your files, Air Sharing Pro could be the one. It’s currently priced at $4.99 but will be increasing to $9.99 in the not too distant future. If I were you, I’d jump on it while you still have the chance.

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