FlickrExport 3 for iPhoto released

by Milind Alvares

FlickrExport 3 for iPhoto released

by Milind Alvares on March 4, 2009

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When iPhoto ‘09 was released with Flickr integration, we all saw how sad Fraser Speirs became. FlickrExport has been a popular plugin among iPhoto users, as it gives you a toolset for a complete uploading experience. So was iPhoto ‘09 going to sway FlickExport’s users over to the dark side?

iPhoto 09’s Flickr Integration

Turns out, iPhoto’s flickr integration is almost useless. While it is very easy to use, and performs a two way sync, here are the downsides.

  • Every upload creates a new photoset. If you have a non-pro account, you can only create <strike>three</strike> a limited number of sets.
  • Tags are synced both ways. So you can’t keep them some tags private.
  • If you delete a picture on your Mac, it’s deleted on Flickr.
  • A few other things as Speirs explains on his blog.

iPhoto’s advanced flickr export options.

Flickr Export 3

FlickrExport 3 on the other hand is an evolutionary update, but it was a strong plugin to begin with. The new version brings in Geolocation features (not compatible with your iPhoto geotags), some photoset editing features, and a better engine to run this all.

Of course, to start with, you have a whole lot of customization options, as is evident from this screenshot. You can customise tags, set groups, create new photosets or add to existing ones, and now embed a GPS trackfile from your camera.

Which one?

If you’re just a casual flickr user, just testing the waters, then iPhoto’s integration might work for you. I personally use the Eventbox Flickr uploader, which just uploads the pictures into my main flickr stream. Just to be clear, I’m not a flickr freak.

If you’re serious about uploading pics on Flickr, like upload snapshots every day, participate in different groups or pools, I’d say FlickrExport 3 is a good investment. At £12 (~$17), it is very reasonable. Those who purchased it after Jan ‘09, you’re eligible for a free upgrade. The others have to fork out £6 for an upgrade. A feature limited trial is available for you to check out.

So is the Flickr integration in iPhoto enough for your needs, or are you a FlickrExport fan to begin with?

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