Safari 5 Now Available for Download

by Preshit Deorukhkar

Safari 5 Now Available for Download

by Preshit Deorukhkar on June 8, 2010

Safari 5 Now Available for Download →

Looks like the rumors were true after all. Without giving it its own 15 minutes of fame during the this morning’s keynote, Apple has silently released the Safari 5, the next major version of the world’s best browser. Version 5 brings in bunch of new features, notably:

Safari Reader

A Readability like feature built right into the browser, Safari Reader allows you to strip down the “annoying ads and other visual distractions” from a web-page, bringing you only the article’s content in “one continuous, clutter-free view.

Greater HTML5 Support

Safari 5 brings in greater support for HTML5 elements including Geolocation (Mobile Safari has had this for a long time now), fullscreen support and closed captions for <video> tag, among other things.

Better Performance

Apple has integrated a faster Nitro engine that makes Safari 5 30 times faster than its previous version.

Bing Search

Just like on the iPhone. It’s built in for you to choose.

Safari Developer Program

Allows developers to extend Safari’s experience by building their own little extensions. Our beloved Mac software development company – Panic has just announced Coda Notes, a Safari extension built entirely using HTML/CSS/JS that allows you to doodle on any webpage and send it to anyone. Unfortunately, they say, it’s not available for prime-time.

Among other little things, Safari 5 also brings back the old Safari 3 style progress back behind the URL and a native preference setting to open links in new tabs by default.

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