Create a flashy HTML signature in Apple Mail

by Milind Alvares

Create a flashy HTML signature in Apple Mail

by Milind Alvares on January 1, 2009

Apple Mail can be a very simple application to get you started, but once you get comfortable using it, you need to bring in the power. I’ve discussed a lot of Mail related tips and plugins here on SA (take a look at the related posts in the post footer), and here’s my latest addition to Mail tips. Add a spiffy HTML/CSS signature to your outgoing emails that will definitely cause some sort of unrest on the receiving end. 


Before I go further, I would like to give full credit to All, from where this is based off.

Prepping Mail

Mail supports multiple signatures. These can be assigned to any number of email accounts you have set up. You can automatically assign a particular signature to an account, or choose them from a drop down list while composing your email. To create a signature, which you must do to make this work, go to Preferences » Signatures » and click the + button.


You can now type in your plaintext signature, and even drag and drop a picture in it (a handwritten signature perhaps). Of course, if you want to go the HTML way, leave that default signature alone, and quit Mail. 

Getting your hands dirty

The next part is composing your signature in your favourite HTML editor. If you don’t know how to code in HTML, you can download this sample code (right click » save link as), and edit your details in between the tags. I’ve added helpful comments in the sample so you can understand what bits you need to edit to get your signature to your liking.


The rules for composing all of this are simple:

  1. All the CSS has to be inline. You cannot attach a stylesheet, nor can you define styles and call them in your tags.
  2. The image has to be an externally hosted image. You cannot attach an image every time you send an email. 
  3. No using <body> <head> and other such tags. Use only tags like <div>, <br> and <a>. 

Once you are done editing, save the file as a ‘something.html’ file on your desktop. Then open the file in Safari (drag it to the Safari icon) and then save it as a ‘.webarchive’ file. 

Navigate to YourHomeFolder » Library » Mail » Signatures, and replace the existing ‘.webarchive’ file with the ‘.webarchive’ file you’ve just created. Make sure you copy over the exact name over to ‘.webarchive’, or Mail will not recognise the file.


Now, launch Mail, go over to the signature preferences again. Drag that signature from the middle pane to any of your accounts which you want to use this signature with. You can also set the default signature for each account from the settings. Once done, you can compose a new mail, and the signature will be there all pretty!


It didn’t work?

  1. You didn’t assign the signature to any email account. Open Prefs » Signatures and drag the signature from the middle pane to any of the email accounts in the left pane. 
  2. You didn’t copy over the webarchive file properly. The resulting file name in your signatures folder should have the same cryptic filename as the one that was there before. Not ‘something.webarchive’
  3. If you try to use TextEdit to edit an existing HTML file, it automatically renders the page. You need to check ‘Ignore rich text in HTML’ in the TextEdit preferences before trying to open HTML files. 
  4. Hit me up in the comments and we’ll take a look at it!

If you have any problems implementing this, or have something to add to it, let us know all about it.

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really cool tip. I would totally digg this (if someone submits it.)



I have a question tho. How do I save the signature with devnagri fonts? Using dreamweaver, I get the message, “you may want to change to UTF-8 or an encoding that supports special characters in this document.



I think your tip should have the path: Navigate to YourHomeFolder » Library » Mail » Signatures. Also you need to add some info on what we should do if we have a number .webarchive files…. which one do we replace? For example i have ten sigs . If I want to add an eleventh how do i know which .webarchive ??


Milind Alvares

My mistake. Corrected.

As for creating the 11th signature, it will be the most recently modified .webarchive in the folder (arrange the files by Date Modified). I thought of adding it in the tutorial, but didn’t know how to include it without bringing in the word clutter.

@yash: Hmm. No idea. That unicode stuff always scares me. Will check up on it though, since you like devnagri so much.


Milind Alvares

Hmm. I didn’t think of iPhone optimisation. I’ve been working on it a bit, and I’ve updated my sample code.

In the first tag itself (div), I changed ‘height’ to ‘min-height’, and I added a ‘min-width: 530px’ to the style. This has effectively solved the issue. It still doesn’t look as pretty as on the desktop, but there’s no garbled or line cutting.

If you have any problems, let me know.



Excellent guide Miland. My contacts won’t know what hit them! Now to figure out how to edit all that code….



Thank-you very much… i have now figured out the process…. i now have two fully html compliant sigs.

Cheers and Happy New Year



That’s so cool thanks for that!

At the moment however I’m confined to using the same image dimensions as from your example (64×49). How can I make the image area bigger without messing up the layout? I’ve looked through the html code and can’t see what I should change.

Anyway, thanks!


Milind Alvares

You need to increase the “min-height” of the main [div] tag. You will also need to increase the line-height to even out the spacing between the text lines to make room for the taller image. If you need any more assistance with his send us an email using our contact form so we can solve this issue properly.


Chris Giammona

Thanks, this worked very well. The only issue that I am finding is that many people do not have their email clients set to download pictures automatically and thus do not see the logo until they allow the download.





Could a base64 image be embedded so as not to require a download from an external server?



Weird… I have not signature folder under mail>>>Lib.. etc

Just get a file Mailaccounts.plist

Any ideas?


Milind Alvares

Did you create a signature first in Mail? If you don’t create one it won’t make that folder.



Yep… it’s strange because the only file in the “MAIL” folder is mailaccounts.plist.
Nothing else.

I have 3 signatures set up… have i broke it?


Milind Alvares

I have a feeling you are going through the Library folder of your main system. You need to navigate to Macintosh HD » Users » Your home folder » Library » etc. Notice in the screenshot accompanying that text, the path bar shows where I am.

You seem to be going to Mac HD » Library » Mail » Etc. As even in my case, it shows that same plist file.



This loks great in Mail… but

Doesn’t format correctly in outlook at all!

WHile i use mail, many people is send to will use outlook!

It’s not a million miles away, just the padding and spacing is not quite right….

Anyone know how to fix this???


Milind Alvares

@David: Will try it out in Outlook and see if I can work out a fix for it.


@Milind Alvares

Wow! I never expected that response! Fantastic!

Let me know if you need my help testing!



How do I download the Sample code. I right click on it and nothing happened. Im using Safari.


Milind Alvares

Yep. Right click on the text “Sample code” which is currently a link. Then select “Download linked file” and it should go to your downloads folder. Here’s the link file anyway:



No Success creating the siggy. It just shows all of the code in the email. Maybe I edited it wrong.



Can you tell me what text or HTML editor you used Milind.



Milind Alvares

I used Coda to edit the HTML but you can use TextEdit. Like I mentioned, you need to make sure TextEdit doesn’t render your code.

Oh, and try and follow the guide step by step. Just read through it again.

If you want more help with this send us an email using our contact form and we’ll get you sorted out.



Hey. Used the code, works great. However, I thought the point of using code for an e-sig is to not give the ability to the user to change colours, add text, make things bigger, etc. We are trying to standardize and brand ourselves. So…. is there a way for users not to be able to monkey with their signatures when they are composing?




Hi. I have setup a new signature for a client using your method above, everything works fine, but I’d like to be able to change the image they have in their signature from time to time. I uploaded a new image over the top of the original but my Mail program still sees the old image, however if i email anybody else who has not seen the old image with the new signature (and image) they see the new image. I have googled clearing mail cache but to no avail, there is no cache in my Library/Caches/Mail folder…

Any ideas?



are the old and new images named differently or do they have the same name?

Perhaps the images are cached in the receivers system?



we basically replaced the image on the server with a file of the same name so they don’t have to change the code in the signature to update the image

i think you’re right about the cache’ing but we can’t clear the cache from within Mail, any ideas?


Milind Alvares

Has to be a caching issue. I’ve found that Mail shows my signature even when my internet is not connected. I guess the only option is to change the link of the image.



I have just discovered that other people who we send the email too see the updated image – having previously sent them the email signature with the old image in. I can’t work this out for the life of me, changing the link will be a bit to technical for the client who I have developed the signatures for. the idea was that all they had to do was upload an image via ftp and voila their signature image is changed…oh well back to the drawing board.


Masayo Anderson


Your clients can just upload a new file with the same name. Some recipients will see the new file (old one not cached). Some recipients will see the old file (old one cached). Some recipients will never see any file without extra work because their email program doesn’t display external images. Some recipients will never see any file because they view email messages in plain text instead of html!

My point is that the recipient has the last say in how messages are viewed. A good thing in my opinion. The same goes for web pages, especially font size.



Aaaargh! What am I doing wrong? I’m certain I’ve followed the instructions to the letter but the image I’ve used won’t display although all the text does? I have hosted the image on a remote server. Sorry guys…


amy hoffmann

Hi Milind
I thought I had it! I scanned my sig, saved it as a picture, pasted it into my email signature spot in the third column and when i write an email it shows up but when the email arrives in a person’s mailbox the signature isn’t there…I sent it to myself and a couple of friends, and of course my mom, nobody is getting it. Any advice?



Followed the instructions but a small box with a question mark ? shows in the signature where the images should be. Not sure why, as the image shows just fine if I open the Web archive file directly in the browser. strange…



I was able to make a successful signature, but when I reply to a message the image in my signature is missing and replaced with a “?”



Hello. I am creating a signature for myself in Dreamweaver CS4. I used the code from the template and it worked out great. As far as getting my link and image to work correctly I am having some difficulties. This is my problem- I just started using CSS so I am a NOOB for sure! I get everything to work in my email except the image does not show up it has a box with a “?” and my link does nothing either. I have put the image on the server I use for the website-is that right? Can someone plz help me out. Much appreciated. THANK YOU!




I, too experienced the “?” mark but after sending a few test e-mails I realized the image in the signature WAS being parsed correctly and added as expected.


Milind Alvares

@everyone with difficulties: Make sure you include the full url to the image. Eg., “” instead of just “image1.jpg” or something like that. It will look fine while previewing in your local browser or Dreamweaver, but won’t show up while in Mail. Same goes for link urls.





Awesome! Just looks INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much Milind Alvares for taking time to show me the right way of creating my signature. Also, thank you Jim for the tip. Great Tutorial! I will always remember this one and only grow from it. Great working with you!

Always designing the world,

*Jennifer Joost*



What can I do if the image I want to use is not externally hosted?


Milind Alvares

I don’t think there’s anything you can do. You will have to manually dump in the image every time you compose the email. Perhaps I’m wrong (but I don’t think I am).


Milind Alvares

Photobucket is an external source, so yes, you did in fact use an external host. (Code showed up in my mailbox just fine. :) )



This seems to work across most platforms but there is still a major issue with Outlook (or Windows Mail).

The image displays as a square with an x in it. The reader has to click the info bar to download the image and see the signature properly… in my experience, most people won’t bother, so Outlook users won’t see your signature without changing their image download settings.



Thanks for this – it solved a big mystery for me 90%. However, I’m trying to use a signature that I created in Dreamweaver with various images and the images aren’t showing up. I think I followed the instructions to a “T” but nothing works. When I preview the webarchive file in my browser, everything is there. When I try to pop the signature into an email I get only text and background. Any ideas?


Milind Alvares

You need to host your image on an external server, otherwise it won’t work. Notice how the image link is inserted in the demo siggy.html file.



hi, and thanks for this. i have been using the signature for a few months, and then all of a sudden the image stopped appearing, even though the whole signature is working in firefox/safari browsers correctly. the image is hosted on imageshack and it’s still there too. any thoughts about why the siggie isn’t working in apple mail, but it’s working in the browser? thanks!


Ed Cruz

Thanks for the info. Got it the first time. The instructions were easy to follow and it was great to have the code to build from.

There was only one thing that I found confusing, in the Getting Your Hands Dirty, after the 3 rules, the second sentence reads ‘Then open the file in Safari (drag it to the Safari icon) and then save it as a ‘.webarchive’ file.’ It wasn’t clear to me where the icon is. It’s easier to just do a ‘Save As’ in Safari and select ‘Web Archive’ from the drop down menu.

It might also be helpful to provide the reduced code for those who just want to have an image appear and make it link to their website.




I tried it and it works fine on Mac but when I send it to a PC it pushes the name down a couple of lines but the image is in place.

Any change of getting it to show correctly in Outlook as in Mail?



@ Hilmar

Check out:

Using the table method for the image works perfectly with outlook



Thanks a lot for helping me make my corporate ID :)



Great tutorial, but i am having problems. Image is hosted, loads fine in Safari & Firefox, as does the html & webarcheive file. When i reopen mail after changing the signature file, the image doesn’t show in signatures preference pane – but i can see the images when i compose. However when i send, there is no signature at all?


Milind Alvares

@Amie: Just to be sure, your image is hosted on a web server right? As in, the image url is something like hxxp:// right?



Thanks Milind,
Its definitely a hosted url. I think i need to recreate the inline CSS. I’m going to have a play with it – I’ll let you know!




Thanks for the great tutorial. I have this working, but when I compose an email I just see a “?” where the image is. If I send the email to myself or others the image is there and looks fine. I am only using an image for my email signature. It is hosted on a web page and referenced correctly. The image is kind of big 100kb. Could this be causing the issue?



Thanks so much for all your help. I got it working fairly easy second time around. My initial problem was that the html wasn’t inline CSS. I created a new file in dream-weaver, inserting a table, then inserted my hosted images & links. Opened in Safari & saved web archive file directly over the old version. Worked a treat!

Thanks again!


Chais Meyer

Thank you so much for this code and the instructions.

I created a Mary Kay Signature for my wife and everything is working perfectly in Apple Mail, but when the email is opened in Gmail the image doesn’t show itself. The href for the image works but no image.

I would love it if you could help me with what might be the problem. I edited my code in Coda on Mac.

Here’s the direct link to the file:

Thanks again,
Chais Meyer


Chais Meyer

I’ll solve my problem for everyone else (this applies to the above comment)

#1 No BG Images :: Don’t use background images (even when referencing from another site) ! All online webmail programs like yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc. are made up of background images…so by default they rip any bg image out of an email so that it doesn’t mess with their system.

#2 Z-index problem :: Don’t use Z-indexing if you want it to show the same in all browsers. It gets really f’ed up in hotmail, looks great in gmail. Tables are the way to go if you want to try and get creative with your signature, it kind of restrains it all for you.

That is what I found out…Good luck to anyone else. Remember…Keep your html and inline CSS simple.



Thanks Milind, this was very useful. I’m using this now, and it looks lovely.



I don’t have an existing cryptic webarchive file in my mail/signatures folder. only a plist file. What can I do?


Chais Meyer


You need to create a signature first to get a webarchive file…Any old miscellaneous text will work in your signature. You can follow the directions up top or just do this (“To create a signature, which you must do to make this work, go to Preferences » Signatures » and click the + button”).

Good Luck.


Tim Danyo

I used your fabulous html template to create my signature. Thanks! It looks great in my browser. Created a signature in Mail went to the home. library. mail. signatures folder and copy and pasted the exact file name and applied it to my new signature file. Dropped it back in, replaced it. Fired up Mail again and no html signature. I am using Version 2.1.3 of Mail.

Is my version of Mail prohibiting from getting this to work?



Milind Alvares

You’re sure you did a “File > Save” after opening the signature in Safari right? That’s a crucial step, as Mail will only accept .webarchive data, and not HTML. Also, when copy pasting the filename, make sure you copy it along with the extension, or more importantly, that the resulting file should not have the .webarchive file extension. Signature works on 10.4 so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Tim Danyo

I’m also only running OSX 10.4.11.


Tim Danyo

That worked! Thanks so much. Really appreciate this little trick. (happiness:-)


Derek Kimball

Thank Milind,

I was able to create a custom signature with the help of your instructions; no problem. Thanks for including the pre-written code to modify; made the process a lot easier.



Thank you! I tried multiple other sites on how to make the images come through, but your instructions seemed to work for me! (But using your code and modifying it.)


Derek Kimball

One question; one person who uses outlook express replied to one of my emails and the spacing was all screwy on my signature. Any thoughts on how to prevent this?



hi, i can see the html sig i created on my preference>signature pane but when i compose a new mail the image is gone but a “?”. what can i do to fix this. i can’t seem to get around this problem?
cheers, dedmaking



yes, the link works just fine. its the image that gets lost! whenever recipients get my email all they get is a blank box(where image should have been) with a link to my website?



I tried, but no luck. I keep getting code as a signature; no images or links. Can you help?

Thanks so much,




Thank you so much! I’d struggled through so many other tuts with no joy at all. If I can suggest 2 things to those that are struggling:
1. remember to upload your image to a server (and remember the route). it took me forever to figure this one out.
2. i tried doing my own thing, but it was much much easier to use the sample code and edit it from there to suit my needs.




I can’t get mail to see the file.



I saved the webarchive file ok to the desktop. But it wont drag over to the email account eg cant do this step: Open Prefs » Signatures and drag the signature from the middle pane to any of the email accounts in the left pane. I can copy the text from safari but I lose the hyperlinks when the signature is in the email. I am not sure I am doing this step properly:Navigate to YourHomeFolder » Library » Mail » Signatures, and replace the existing ‘.webarchive’ file with the ‘.webarchive’ file you’ve just created. Make sure you copy over the exact name over to ‘.webarchive’, or Mail will not recognise the file. Eg my webarchive file is called MarkSig.webarchive The existing is CB190EB8-F08F-45E1-AF9A-EE88BCDF74A4.webarchive. How do I replace it? Do I change the existing to MarkSig? When I do this it keeps the default signature not my new one. Thanks


Jonah Price

I just wanted to thank you for making this tutorial available. I created standardized signatures for everyone at the office and was having a difficult time getting them into mail. Now we’re golden.


David Lee Y S


1) When I go to YourHomeFolder » Library » Mail » Signatures, I have many ‘.webarchive’ file there, how?



Thanks for this tutorial, its awesome.

I’ve customised and tested and I find that when sending to Outlook the signature is in entirely html code, any ideas on where I went wrong?

Thanks again!




I am having a bit of trouble with my signature. I have a design made with html, css and images stored online. I have successfully made this a web archive and the design shows when I create a new email. However, when i send the email only the text shows without any formatting however the text still functions as hyperlinks.

Any help would be ace.



Derek Kimball

Thanks for the instructional. I used it to create a signature for mac mail. I notice when I receive replies from people, the signature occasionally becomes all screwy looking, which does not look very professional at all. It makes me question whether it’s just better to have an all text sig or not. Is this a limitation of the recipient’s email application do you know by any chance?


Seth Neal

Great article! Works perfectly. Tables are a must in the code though…

I’d love to see a follow-up article on doing this on an iPhone! I’m guessing you could only do it with one that was jail-broke… but still, it would be sweet!



Thanks for the tips and sample, that made it much easier!

My image is showing in my compose mail box but not when I send the email. I’m pretty sure that’s because of the webserver hosting thing – working on that.
My main issue is that none of my hyperlinks work in my compose mail box, and not in the recipients email. Also, in my compose email box, instead of the text being inline with the image, it has dropped a couple of lines.
Note that in Safari and Firefox, everything is perfect, links work, image there, text in line.


Peter Andreas Moelgaard

Thanks a lot, your absolutely right… Mail will get you up and running in a swiff, but once you need a little extra from in, it turns totally stingy on you and mostly resembles a Malaysian Visa Inspector at the border to Indonesia..

Anyways, thanks for sharing.



Hi, i want to create a signature for someone who is using Mac mail from my windows laptop. Can you please tell me the procedure to do so? I want something with an image in it and also the link to twitter(with twitter logo). I dont know how to put up the image on a server to use it in the signature.
Can you please explain the complete process for doing this?
Really appreciate this.


Ben Craven

I loved everything that happened up until inserting the signature into the signature panel > into the actual mail signature. It just WILL NOT WORK!! (yes, I’m getting frustrated).

I have my file: 3C1BB853-4A13-47D2-B3AC-C8EB03EC0A94.webarchive
I have it safely stored under Library >Mail > Signatures

The only issue I can think of is that I am using gmail as my mail server.
Either way, when I drop the file into my chosen signature panel and pop open a new mail, all I see is the icon and file name…but not my graphic and contact details.

Any ideas?
Love your site by the way.


Tristan Kromer

Thanks, that saved me some trouble!

One question, any idea how to force the plain text alternative to your liking?

Can I include something like this in the webarchive?

Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Content-Type: text/plain;

!!!My signature here.!!!

Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Content-Type: text/html;


Tristan Kromer

In case anyone is interested. My above attempt did not work.

I found a couple tips to make sure your signature degrades properly:

- Use a series of underscores instead of css horizontal lines or borders

- If you put a image on the left of text, you’ll wind up with a space in the plain text version. You can prevent this by putting the image AFTER the text in the HTML and floating it left.

- You can add in extra s to put line spaces in the plain text version and then use something like style=”margin-top:-10px” to get rid of this in the html version. Wacky, but it works out well.



tiffany stone

I came across this today, 2 years later! But I gotta tell you this is THE BEST tutorial because you not only explain how to do it, you also explain what might have been done wrong if it doesn’t work. Thanks for covering the bases.


Bern Ruelas

Hi Miliand,
Thanks for the great tutorial….worked like a charm!


Kenny Hemphill

Thanks Milind. That’s a terrific tutorial, well explained and works a treat!




I tied this but there was no webarchive file in that folder already so I wasn’t replacing anything, there was only a plist file.


Annika Hagen

Hi this is awesome, been a long time since I mucked in dreamweaver to change the code, all worked out very well indeed, looked great, hosted the png image for my icon on my webpage and all seemed fine – saved the same file name in library – opened mail, the signature showed up perfectly, sending mail, the signature showed up. however when i received my own test mail the icon was missing. any clues?



Hi, that worked great in my Thanks for that. Does anyone know if there is a way to insert the same signature in Entourage for Mac, too? As some of our people in our office liek to use the same formatting options and are using Entourage …

Thanks for any useful tips.


Oz Man


Followed your instructions but the image does not show up. I have the image on my machine. Is that a problem ?


Mike White

I followed your instructions and used the sample code. Everything works great! Thank you so much!



This works perfectly fine on my iMac running Mail 4.4 but the formatting doesn’t work on my MacBook Mail 3.6. It manages to grab the icon from my server and all the relevant text with links but the formatting of this text is unformatted?!?
Any ideas?



I believe I followed all of your steps correctly, but since it is not working, I’m betting I’m missing something. I am definitely no web designer/html code reader, but I do know the basics and I was trying to create something for my boss to use in his iMail. Would it be possible for you to help me? That would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advanced!



Hi there,
The instructions are pretty good, but I cannot find the signature folder on my mac, so I can save my html file as a signature. I run OS X 10.5.8 and my mail program is 3.6

I have tried to search for the library file, searching for existing webarchive files, setting up a dummy signature and searching for that name and recent changes but nothing comes up. Any ideas of how to find the signature file so I can overwrite it would be much appreciated.



Lori Randall Stradtman

Thanks SO much for your great tutorial!!! Apple doesn’t make it easy, do they? Recently made the switch back from posting via the browser and the option were so paltry!

Thanks, thanks for sharing your genius expertise!!




I followed your instructions and have been using a customized version of your template for over a year now without any problems, but today I am having a problem and need some help. Last week I upgraded to the new 27″ iMac and today I updated my logo image in my email html signature, but apple mail is still showing/displaying the old version of the logo. I have deleted the signature file over and again, as well as deleted the logo file and re-saved it to my server and when I open the webarchive file the logo shows updated, but when I open a new email and use the signature file, the old logo shows inside Apple Mail. I’m totally lost, confused and frustrated…Can you please help me figure out what is going on? Thank you.

I’m using OS X 10.6.7 and Apple Mail 4.5 (1084) – Thank you in advance.


nicolas zein

thank you sir, this tutorial was amazing! i used it to create my own and i appreciate the time you spent making this wonderful lesson for all of us. Cheers.


Sze Liu

Thanks! It worked for me. I had to use Dreamweaver instead of Textedit, so just for anyone out there.


Daniel Payne

I have followed your instructions to the letter, but the html signature I created and subsequently saved as a webarchive is not working for me. I copied the name of the existing webarchive file that was in the mail/signatures folder, but the only option form the signature drop-down menu is the simple text-only one that I created from within mail/preferences. Please help.



Hi there,

I have been trying to create my signature, initially I did it fine and then today i wanted to change the information I gave out. I used the same webarchive name as previously used and ut it in the library mail folder, but it doesn’t seem to be coming up in the signature pane of preferences. For some reason Mail isn’t recognising it. When I save the signature that I’ve created it doesn’t add .webarchive to the end. I tried adding it manually but that seemed to make no difference and now I’m concerned that I have got rid of something that I shouldn’t have!

Any ideas, would love some help if you can offer it up.



Melanie Jongsma

Thank you for posting these instructions, Milind! I finally have a signature I can live with that doesn’t involve attachments! It took me a while to get my HTML coding right, but I did it. And when I first applied my webarchive file to my signature file, my image did not show up in Mail’s preference pane, but it showed up in my actual email. I tested it by sending to a couple of people who use different email programs, and it looked good in all of them. When people reply from those emails, the formatting is lost, but I can live with that. Thanks for your help with this!



Hi, thanks for the directions. I have tried and tried, but get just my HTML code as my siggy line – don’t know what I am doing differently from what you direct here, but obviously something…any tips? Thanks kindly, -Joe



In Mac OS 7 (Lion), the Library folder is now hidden. It took me a while to find it, but an easy path is to hold down the Option key while selecting Go in the Finder Menu. “Library” should show up as an option!



Good stuff, man. Thanks. Unfortunately Outlook screws up the alignment (pic appears above text), but I can’t say I’m surprised. The other webmail clients I’ve tested look great.



Thanks for this – the ‘float: left;’ does not work in Outlook Express – is there any alternative to fix this?



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