Eventbox update brings in the HUD and Google Reader Awesomeness!

by Milind Alvares

Eventbox update brings in the HUD and Google Reader Awesomeness!

by Milind Alvares on January 15, 2009

If there’s an app I’ve spoken about excessively, it’s EventBox. This is one of the best apps of 2008, and it just keeps getting better. The latest update, the 1.0 beta build 558, brings in an entirely new user interface element, the HUD.

The screenshot shows the background blurs which prevent any problems in readability

What will be familiar to Twitterrific users, the HUD is a simple floating palette that displays all the events. The goal of the HUD is to occupy little space while providing the maximum amount of info. What’s different about the EventBox HUD is that you not only get tweets, you get all of your events, including RSS and Facebook, in this one single HUD. There’s tight integration between both the UIs, so there’s no lagging anywhere. You could type something in the HUD, and hit send main window. Moreover, the HUD even looks a lot prettier than the flat look of Twitterrific.

The team has been private-beta testing this thing for a while now, and has taken a lot of user feedback to make it just right. I wouldn’t say it is perfect, as it can still shed some pixels, but for now, I’d say it’s awesome!

Google Reader

While EventBox does include a powerful RSS reader, the latest update brings in full support for Google Reader syncing. All you need to do is enter your google credentials, after which it syncs up your feeds according to your Google account. The sync is two-way, which means if you’ve read something using the web reader, it gets marked as such on the desktop. The sync also includes starring, as well as adding new feeds.


Enhancement abound!

Of course, apart from these major changes, they’ve also included the ability to flag events for later reading, auto mark-as-read, the ability to follow/unfollow/block twitter users and shrinking long messages using tweetshrink. Interestingly, they’ve also included multi-touch swipe gestures for those new MacBooks, a feature which I haven’t been able to test.

If you haven’t checked out EventBox yet (and are an internet junkie), I’d highly suggest you do. Use the coupon code from the Smoking Apples magazine to get a 20% discount on the $15 pricetag. If you are already an EventBox user, let others know how awesome it is!

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