Momento: A Kaleidoscope of Your Personal Moments

by Ankur Gupta

Momento: A Kaleidoscope of Your Personal Moments

by Ankur Gupta on January 6, 2010

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[tweetmeme] Momento, a diary/journal writing application for the iPhone, makes you wonder if you should shift your personal diary to a digital platform. The pleasure of lying down at night, recollecting the thoughts and penning them down in neat cursive handwriting offers no substitute. But digital platform has a lot more to offer. Capturing the funny moments at your friend’s birthday party. Geotagging the place of your first kiss. Tagging folks who accompanied you to a quick jaunt. The possibilities are endless.

Momento complements your personal diary writing experience by providing the perfect platform to capture moments as your eventful day unfolds. If you swear religiously by your personal diary, Momento can help act as a scribble pad to quickly jot down your cherished memory to find its place later in your beloved personal diary.

The app lets you record moments. Moments can be tagged with people, a location, an image, an event or even an arbitrary tag that can be created on the fly. Momento brings all of this together with the least effort on part of the user—people can be added from existing Contacts, location can be determined via GPS and images can be captured from within the app. The compose button sits anxiously in the top right corner, waiting for your command.


So you went ahead and recorded a bunch of moments. Is that all? Before you start to think of Momento as a glorified note taking app let me straighten things up. The way moments can be accessed, is what makes the app special. The developer has marked out four different ways you can accomplish the task—Days, Calendar, Tags and Feeds. Wait, did I mention that the app offers integration with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Let me keep that aside for now.

The primary way to access moments, is by ‘days’, like the pages in your diary. The detail of all the moments in a day highlighting the people tagged, locations added etc. is tucked neatly at the right. A simple tap on a moment and you have all your moments for the day presented on a ruled page of a notebook.


The Calendar view is all the more awesome as it categorizes moments by neat little colored dots at the bottom of a date. The sliding mechanism to quickly shuttle between months even puts the default Calendar app to shame. While viewing the moments of a particular day, the edit button lets you edit/delete the moments effortlessly. The swipe to delete mechanism is sorely missed in the app.


Sorting of moments by tags is handy for looking through moments by place, person, or tag. I however, forgot to mention that moments can be rated on a scale of five—not sure what purpose that would serve though. All the rated moments are organized in five different categories and along with them are listed custom tags; if you were not lazy enough to tag your moments in the first place.

Momento recognizes the importance of your social moments and gives them a new home under the Feeds tab. Social moments is a log of your activity on various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and—whichever of these services you choose to add. It grabs all your tweets (you can exclude @replies), Facebook status updates, Flickr photos and loved tracks and blends them seamlessly with moments created in the app. Feeds tab singles out social moments from the others. The brilliant integration of Momento with various social networking services takes the app to a whole new level.

The app has a delicious interface, as you would have already figured out from the screenshots posted above. The wooden texture in the backdrop, moments listed on ruled notebook pages and withered look of the tabs all add up to give the look and feel of a personal diary. If you never cared about maintaining a personal diary, Momento offers a chance to rectify your mistake. The app finding its place on Beautiful Pixels is a testimony of its elegance.

Lastly, since some Moments are best kept secret, a secure passcode ensures they stay that way. The app can also export all your moments sans the images to a XML plist file. The file serves as a backup but sadly there is no import feature to harness the utility of the file.

If you look at the app from a v1.0 perspective, the developers have done a splendid job and nitpicking anomalies wouldn’t do justice to a brilliant app. I however do wish in future the app allows you to import the XML plist file or provide some kind of online sync to preserve your moments forever. Momento is currently available at an introductory price of $2.99. Grab it fast before it’s pulled off the App Store by Apple for too much awesomeness.

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