PadFoot — Finally an iPad Stand I can Settle On

by Preshit Deorukhkar

PadFoot — Finally an iPad Stand I can Settle On

by Preshit Deorukhkar on October 4, 2010

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The PadFoot is a brilliant little stand for the iPad by independent designer Michiel Cornelissen. Made from tough but lightweight polyamide, the PadFoot is manufactured using a technology called 3D Printing. Michiel explains:

Perhaps the most obvious difference from most products you are used to, is the material – which is probably a bit different from anything you’ve seen before. That’s because this product is a 3d-print. I won’t go into the details here, but 3d printing is sort of a miracle, because it allows tiny companies like mine to make products like this, competing with the big guys, without the need for massive investments, complicated logistics and overseas manufacturing.

The PadFoot feels quite solid in your hand. The material seems like a mix between hard rubber and plastic and feels quite sturdy, even though it’s hollow from the inside.

The PadFoot is about 6-inches long with nicely rounded corners on both sides. It has a slot on one side to fit the iPad right in. The iPad stands up perfectly and there’s absolutely no wobble or shake. I could easily use the touchscreen while it stood in portrait mode, without the fear of it tilting back.

PadFoot is also absolutely great to watch movies on the iPad by placing it in the landscape mode on the table or bed. I’d originally purchased the MoviePegs for this purpose, but found out that if your desk has even a slightly slippery surface, the MoviePegs start slipping and the iPad will be flat on the desk in about 30 minutes. The MoviePegs could not find a decent grip on the desk at home and even at work. I was hoping to write in detail about the MoviePegs, but they’ve disappointed me so bad with the above, I’d rather not. The PadFoot only covers about an inch of area at the bottom of the screen, nicely rounded at that, so it pretty much stays out of the way for some distraction-free viewing.

PadFoot is available from Michiel’s site starting at $25, including shipping anywhere in the world. There are a few color choices available, but I’d personally recommend the black one with the matte finish.

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