Buy an iPhone with EMI Installment

by Ashwin

Buy an iPhone with EMI Installment

by Ashwin on September 19, 2008

How do you buy an iPhone in India for Rs 1654? Answer: with easy monthly installments offered by Airtel and Vodafone of course!

Even though the iPhone is cheapest in India, the Rs 31,000 tag might not be affordable to all. Sensing that India is the land of EMIs and is price cautious, the telecom companies have introduced EMI scheme for the rest of us.

Airtel EMI Options lets Visa card holder of ICICI, SBI, Citibank and HDFC bank customers to avail spot EMI options at Airtel retail outlets. You can get installments from 3 months (from Rs 10,333/month) to 24 months (Rs 1654/month).

Vodafone EMI Options lets Credit Card customers of Axis, Citibank, HSBC and Barclaycard bank to avail installment options to buy an iPhone. Avail installments from 3 months (from Rs 9880/month) to 12 months (Rs 2470/month).

Note that Vodafone’s iPhone EMI is lower as their iPhone costs Rs. 28,000. The catch of course is that Airtel offers free 500MB/mo EDGE data transfer, while Vodafone makes you pay 200 for the activation itself. 

So which one’s the best deal then? From what I see Barclaycard bank (Vodafone) and HDFC (Airtel) seems you’ll pay relatively less than EMIs from other banks. In case you’ve gone broke after paying a fortune, worry not. You can convert your purchase into an EMI option.

Service Tax extra. Processing and pre closure fee as applicable. Charges are subject to revision from time to time. As always, read up on the fineprint before you sign into anything. The offer is valid till 30th November only.

Are you ready to live the iPhone dream now?

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