The Right Feel for an iPad Stylus

by Milind Alvares

The Right Feel for an iPad Stylus

by Milind Alvares on November 9, 2010

The Right Feel for an iPad Stylus →

Dan Provost:

In general, iPad styluses follow an incorrect cognitive mapping. The vast majority of them are designed to look and feel like a pen. Why? Writing or drawing on the iPad feels nothing like using a pen or pencil. For one, the fidelity is way too low. Also, it is pretty awkward to rest your palm on the screen of the device because it throws off the capacitive detection. Writing on an iPad, to me, feels like writing on a dry erase board. Fast, simple, low fidelity. The perfect iPad stylus is one that feels like a dry erase marker.

I agree. I’ve used the Pogo Stylus for a while, but it never quite feels right for interacting with the iPad (they did make for better paintbrushes though). Provost propose a DIY stylus using a marker pen and some conductive foam.

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