The Might Mouse reviews

by Milind Alvares

The Might Mouse reviews

by Milind Alvares on October 22, 2009

Gizmodo’s Magic Mouse review →

Apple’s hottest new gadget is in the hands Jason Chen. And to the question “Is this the best mouse Apple has ever made?”, Chen answers:

Yeah, it is. The Magic Mouse is much better than the Mighty Mouse, which people hated, and might actually be good enough that non-Mac users might want to pick it up as well, supposing that they don’t really care about ergonomics.

That’s kind of like saying Windows 7 is the best Windows ever, but I’ll take it!

CNet’s Magic Mouse review →

Justin Yu of CNet also takes a look at the mouse (video review included), but his impressions were far from ‘wow':

At first glance, Apple’s new Magic Mouse might change your thoughts about love at first sight. The curvature of the soft white shell paired with the speckled silver underbelly is enough to make any Applehead salivate, but we warn prospective buyers to head out to your local Apple Store before taking the plunge, because you might be disappointed.

His problems also lie with ergonomics, something the Logitech mice clearly have an edge over. Still, sounds like good advice.

Ergonomics be damned, I’ll certainly be getting one. What about you?

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