Reeder 2 feature preview

by Milind Alvares

Reeder 2 feature preview

by Milind Alvares on March 21, 2010

Reeder 2 feature preview →

The best feed reader on the iPhone is about to take it to the next level; addressing almost all of the complaints in Shawn Blanc’s “iPhone’s Missing Feed Reader“. And, it’s a free upgrade for existing users, so it’s safe to grab v1.x now if you haven’t already.

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Chris Brown

Not seeing it in iTunes just yet. Maybe you guys have a half a day head start over in India. ;-)


Milind Alvares

That’s because it’s not out yet (although we do have that head start you speak of). As mentioned in the link up, it’s a feature preview.

I guess I was a little ambiguous. I meant to say “it’s safe to grab version 1.0 now if you haven’t already”


Chris Brown

Okay, now that I’ve read your post more closely, I see that I jumped to a conclusion, but you had my heart all a flutter regardless. I’ve been using Reeder as my main RSS reader for some time now, having moved away from NetNewsWire after it tanked, and trying NewsRack for a while, which I do like. But Reeder is my main squeeze, and if they’re improving it, I’m all happy.


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