Read it Later for iPad

by Milind Alvares

Read it Later for iPad

by Milind Alvares on June 11, 2010

Read it Later for iPad now available →

The other offline reader makes its entry onto Apple’s larger iOS device. And it’s just what you’d expect it to be. Nate Weiner has carried over the slick iPhone UI onto the iPad, and even integrated the Digest feature he debuted a while ago. Read it Later Pro costs $4.99 for the universal app, Digest costs an additional $5, and there’s even a free Lite version, which is also universal.

Now I’ve switched between Read it Later and Instapaper so many times, I can hardly keep track. If you ask me right now, I’d say Instapaper, definitely. It’s got a much better reading experience (with support for inline graphics, pagination, dictionary), looks better, feels faster, and its subscription features are indispensable. I never quite took to the RiL’s Digest user interface, so I’ll skip on that. But who am I to judge?

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What are the Instapaper subscription features? Or do you mean the paid iPhone app? I have been thinking of both Instapaper and Read It Later and have now been using Read It Later for some time. The main reason from my point of view is that Read It Later provides a better developer API and in effect allows you to get your list out from it. I have not found a way to export Instapaper stuff? I would be good to be able to use both ;)


Milind Alvares

By subscription I mean it allows you to follow “Starred folders” of other users. That way if I run out of stuff to read, I can always take a look at what my friends have found interesting.



Ah ok :) I was thinking subscriptions as in something you have to pay for :). Anyway, I have too little time to run out of things to read, so the Digest feature is my saviour at the moment – instead of reading in a stack like way – last in, first out, I go to a topic I am interested in.


Milind Alvares

When’re you gonna update that to a Safari 5 extension?


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