Not in their front yard

by Milind Alvares

Not in their front yard

by Milind Alvares on February 26, 2010

Not in their front yard →

Neven Mrgan responds to John Gruber’s piece on the banning of ‘sexy apps’ from the App Store:

Here’s my take on the same issue: it’s about generated content.

Apple hates it. They do not want it anywhere near their properties. They will not put a widget of latest @apple tweets on their website, they will not feature MobileMe users’ blogs and galleries, and they will not stream a keynote as it happens. Apple is about managed, directed, carefully planned experiences. And as Michael Lopp says, “it’s not secrecy; it’s theater.

Mrgan makes sense. Except the problem that remains, is that Apple is very flaky on its decisions. Having them thrive in the App Store for a year only to be rejected without warning, is wrong. My guess is Apple is working out the details on its ‘explicit’ category that will soon be added to the store. They’re all coming back, but in a cage of their own.

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