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All You Need is a Mac and Modafinil

Macs are known for being superior to Windows in terms of productivity. Don’t take our word for it, see what others have to say. But let’s be real with ourselves for a minute: can an operating system really provide you with that much of an edge over your competition? Will going out to the Apple store and buying a Mac to replace your Dell Windows laptop make you stop procrastinating and become the most productive person in your state? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no.

But, let’s not kid ourselves. It is a piece of the puzzle, and for some, it helps more than others. On the quest to become a master of my own fate, I set out to increase my productivity levels. After getting a Mac, I was looking for something more extreme, and that’s when I stumbled upon Modafinil. While you can view the pharmacology behind the drug on MedlinePlus, Modafinil is used off-label for its cognitive enhancing and wakefulness promoting effects.

As part of my search for the ultimate productivity tools, I opened up my new MacBook Pro 2016 model, opened a new tab of Safari, and got to searching for where I could buy Modafinil online. Before I continue, it’s worth noting that Modafinil is only available as a prescription, but that doesn’t stop hundreds of online pharmacies operating overseas (mostly in India) to source product from their home country, where it is legal, and available for around $0.28 per 200mg tablet. Due to overhead costs, mainly shipping, the cost usually runs around $1.00 per Modafinil tablet, delivered to your door which compared to costs of Provigil at pharmacies in the United States, is a bargain.

I did thorough research before taking the plunge and making my order with any such online vendor, and I hope to provide some insight on how I found my vendor for life, as well as their name later on. I was looking for a site that specialized in Modafinil, and not a wide variety of generics. I’d rather pay a little bit more to know that I’m ordering from a company that deals with Modafinil day in and day out, versus a company that happens to have Modafinil in their line of products. A colleague recommended me a reliable source to buy Modafinil online, and I almost immediately made my order for a batch of Modalert (an account from a friend is superior to hundreds of reviews online, especially for substances that I will be ingesting). It’s worth nothing that the colleague that recommended to me, although ordered from the same site, ordered Waklert instead.

I found that after taking Modafinil, my productivity subtly increased. I no longer had the urge to check Facebook or flip over my phone to see if I had any Snapchat notifications. One thing that I did notice, though, was that working on Modafinil is great when you start working before you take it. After the Modafinil kicks in, whatever you’re working on, you’ll be focused on for the duration of the onset effects (which isn’t so great if you’re watching YouTube videos on the weird side of YouTube). For me, I started an essay for my physics class that was due the following morning, and I cranked out a 14-page research paper in 4 hours on a topic that I had no prior experience on. I’d say the experience was a positive one.

It’s important to note that there is no one solution to increased productivity. A Mac can help. Modafinil can too. But so can the basics: a non-distracting environment, a good night sleep the night before, and a healthy diet. The Modafinil-Mac combo won’t give you superhuman powers, but tweaking the determinants of productivity in your favor may give you more than meets the eye.